How do I copyright my lyrics for free?

Answer According to U.S. copyright law, once you have captured your lyrics in a fixed format, you automatically obtain the exclusive rights of that creation, whether it's published or not. But when you wi... Read More »

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How do i copyright my lyrics?

Copyright is a legal right granted to an author of a work that makes him the only person allowed to copy and distribute that original work. If you're the author of song lyrics, in order to copyrigh... Read More »

How to Copyright Lyrics in B.C., Canada?

As soon as you create a piece of work in Canada it is protected under copyright. If you write a song, novel, play, article, computer program, take a photo, paint a picture, etc., it is copyright pr... Read More »

How to Obtain a Free Copyright?

Copyright is automatic; once a creator generates an original work, the copyright belongs to the creator without the creator doing anything else. Hence, in theory, obtaining a copyright is automatic... Read More »

How to Copyright a Song for Free?

Your original songs are automatically copyrighted. You can pay to have the copyright registered, or you can follow these steps for free (if you don't count the postal rate). Having your work regist... Read More »