How do I copyright my lyrics for free?

Answer According to U.S. copyright law, once you have captured your lyrics in a fixed format, you automatically obtain the exclusive rights of that creation, whether it's published or not. But when you wi... Read More »

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How do i copyright my lyrics?

Copyright is a legal right granted to an author of a work that makes him the only person allowed to copy and distribute that original work. If you're the author of song lyrics, in order to copyrigh... Read More »

How to Copyright Lyrics in B.C., Canada?

As soon as you create a piece of work in Canada it is protected under copyright. If you write a song, novel, play, article, computer program, take a photo, paint a picture, etc., it is copyright pr... Read More »

How to Copyright Your Writing for Free?

Have you ever written a piece of fiction, or non-fiction, and been afraid people would steal it? Have no money for a legal copyright? Fear not! This is how to copyright your writing for free.

How to Obtain a Free Copyright?

Copyright is automatic; once a creator generates an original work, the copyright belongs to the creator without the creator doing anything else. Hence, in theory, obtaining a copyright is automatic... Read More »