How do I copy software onto a CD?

Answer Insert your discInsert a CD-R, CD+R or other burnable Compact Disc media in your CD burner drive. Allow the CD to spin up and mount. A window will pop up asking you if you want to burn a CD. Click ... Read More »

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How to Use ArcSoft Software to Copy Windows Media Player Files Onto a DVD in a Format That Will Play on DVD Players?

So you're looking to put video files onto a DVD, so you can watch it in a regular DVD player? This is the guide for you.

What software do I use to burn photographs downloaded onto computer from camera onto a disk like a CD or DVD?

Answer If this is on an Apple computer, I can't help you, but purportedly they have built in software to do this. If your computer is running Windows XP or Vista and you just want to save picture... Read More »

How can i copy 8mm tape onto dvd?

Eight millimeter (8mm) tape can refer to several different video formats; the first was introduced in the early 1980s, known as Video 8. Video 8 was completely analog and worked only with analog ta... Read More »

How do I copy dvr onto dvds?

Copying DVR onto DVDsConnect a composite (red, white and yellow) or component (red, green and blue) cable from the DVR AV-Out ports to the DVD recorder AV-In ports. Using another composite or compo... Read More »