How do I copy pictures to a USB thumb drive?

Answer Insert the USB drive into a USB port. Navigate to the folder where your pictures are stored. Click and hold the left mouse button, and then drag the mouse to create a box and select the picture you... Read More »

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How do I copy a music CD to a thumb drive?

Ripping TracksInsert the CD you want to copy onto your thumb drive into the CD player on your computer. Using a music program like Windows Media Player, rip the CD onto your hard drive. In order to... Read More »

How to Copy Outlook Email Messages Onto a Thumb Drive?

Instead of only having access to your Microsoft Outlook email messages whenever you are in front of a computer or laptop, make a copy of your messages and take them with you wherever you go. Insert... Read More »

What is the difference between a flash drive& a thumb drive?

Flash drives and thumb drives are very similar in that they are compact devices that allow a computer user to load and transport files from one computer to another. They are both Macintosh (Mac) an... Read More »

What is a Thumb Drive Used For?

A thumb drive is basically nothing more than a small, portable hard drive. Thumb drives are designed to be used like floppy disks were in the past, as a portable way to store data. However, they ca... Read More »