How do I copy pictures onto fabric?

Answer Print the PhotoFlip the photo you want to put on fabric over the vertical axis using the photo-editing software that came on your computer or software that you installed yourself. Print the photo o... Read More »

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Can you glue pictures to satin fabric?

Satin is not a fabric itself but a type of weave for fabric, usually of rayon or nylon. If you want to glue pictures to satin, you can using fabric glue or a similar adhesive.Source:Encylopedia Bri... Read More »

Can you copy pictures to a DVD-R?

You can copy pictures to a DVD-R if you have the right software. Windows Vista copies pictures to a DVD-R but if you use Windows XP, you use third-party software to record on a DVD. For a Mac syst... Read More »

How to Copy Pictures on a Mac?

Digital photography has changed the ways in which people develop and store their photographs, and Mac OS X allows you to copy, transfer, duplicate and save your digital pictures without the need fo... Read More »

How do I copy pictures from a CD?

Copying a PictureInsert the CD that contains the picture you would like to copy into your computer's CD-ROM drive. Wait 15 to 20 seconds for your computer to finish loading the newly inserted CD. S... Read More »