How do I copy photographs onto a CD?

Answer You can try putting them in a folder and zipping them, or resizing them.(if it is not to many) If there are a lot of photos, or they are high resolution then just burn them to DVD. They have more r... Read More »

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How to Copy Photographs to a DVD on a Nikon D90?

The Nikon D90 comes from Nikon's line of digital SLR (single-lens reflex) cameras. Pictures from the D90 are stored on an SD memory card. Pictures can be transferred to a computer; however, you ma... Read More »

Hard copy photographs to digital files?

Get the HP G-3010 for around $100 which will also scan slides, negatives and do a professional looking scan quickly and without an effort.

Why Can I Not Copy My Photographs That Were Done at a Commercial Photo Finishing Studio?

Under copyright laws in America, a photographer or finisher is the owner of the photographs produced. Therefore, commercially produced and finished photos cannot be reproduced without express permi... Read More »

How do I convert old family photographs into digital. Is there a scanner that will copy them onto my computer?

I was just going to recommend thet Canon flatbed scanners, I have used those for years. They work great.