How do I copy files from my c drive to my personal media drive from I tunes?

Answer Ohhh, I now have a headache

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How do I copy files to the hard drive?

Locate FilesClick the "Start" button to display the "Start" menu on your Windows Vista or Windows 7 computer. Click the "Computer" menu item to open an Explorer window, from which can manage the fi... Read More »

How to Copy Files From a CD to a Hard Drive Using MS-DOS?

MS-DOS, short for Microsoft Disc Operating System, is a command prompt operating system that allows for simple systems commands to be performed in a non-graphical, text interface. MS-DOS is a simpl... Read More »

How Do I Copy Files to a Flash Drive?

Opening the Flash Drive's directoryInsert your flash drive into an open USB port on your computer. In Windows systems, a dialogue box will open. Select "Open to View Files." A window will appear sh... Read More »

Why can I not copy files to my external hard drive?

XP==NTFS.4VISTA==NTFS.5(but can be upgrade)Windows 7==NTFS.6once a drive is written to by w7 or vista, XP cannot understand it fully and wontbe able to write to it.things can only get worse in W8fo... Read More »