How do I cook with a pan?

Answer A cooking pan is a shallow pan, sometimes covered in Teflon, that has straight or sloping sides. Some pans have lids, while others do not. Almost anything can be cooked in a pan. Pans can cook in a... Read More »

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If you cook pasta and cover the pot with a lid, does it cook faster?

No, because it boils over and you have to remove the lid anyway.I believe the boxes all say "boil uncovered stirring occasionally..." for a reason.Ziti is the best for baked ziti, otherwise it woul... Read More »

How to Cook With a Wok?

Stir frying in a wok.Cooking with a wok is a fast, easy way to prepare food. Woks can be used for stir-frying or steaming. The following tips may help you learn how to use this ancient cooking pan.

How do i cook with a pizza pan?

True pizza aficionados know that you can only get the perfect pizza by preparing it yourself. It can take a lifetime to find (or learn to make) the perfect sauce and the right combination of toppin... Read More »

How to Cook With Soymilk?

Cooking with soy milk is not only easy but beneficial for vegans, the lactose intolerant and for overall health. Soy milk contains only vegetable proteins, which offers a good source of protein for... Read More »