How do I convince my preened about letting me get a lip piercing ?

Answer do it anyway

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How do i convince my mum into letting me get a tiny, stud nose piercing?

I started getting better grades (all A's and an occasional B) and I would take out the trash/clear the dishwasher/clean my room without being asked for like a month leading up to my birthday so tha... Read More »

How can someone convince their guardian to let them go somewhere when their guardian is unsure about the idea of letting them go?

um, if it is somewhere were there isn't gonna be any parents, so that's wot their worried about you could get a friend to pretend to be the 'parent' and call then say that yeah yeah, its all gonna ... Read More »

How to convince my mom into letting me have a facebook?

just explain that there are just as many pervs and stalkers on yahoo answers as there are on facebook or any other website you might use

How to Convince Your Parents Into Letting You Get an Account on a Forum?

Do you want a forum account your parents won't let you get? Follow these steps and they just might help.