How do I convince my mom to let me die my hair black?

Answer I don't see why she shouldn't let you because if its dark brown already, and you're wanting to dye it black its not that much of a difference, maybe you could just try and get it with black hilight... Read More »

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How do I convince my mother to dye my hair black?

You can compromise and use a temporary dye.

How can I convince my mom to let me wear black eyeliner?

Your 13yrs old. You don't need anymore makeup than what she is allowing you to wear. If you want to wear eyeliner then tell her you'll give up the mascara or eyeshadow.

How to convince my parents to get me hair gel or hair wax Please answer!!!?

I am a mother of 5kids....ages 20,16,14,8,&4.First off,parents want kids to ask,not demand.I am not saying you are/did,it`s just good to know.If I were you,I`d sit down with them&talk to them about... Read More »

How to Convince Your Parents to Let You Wear Black Nail Polish?

You want to wear that shiny black nail polish. Maybe because it's a trend, or maybe cause you want to be far from normal, or maybe you just like it. However, your parents don't want you to wear bla... Read More »