How do I convince my family that me being Vegan is the right thing to do?

Answer Write down their concerns, research them, explain why they needn't be concerned.I made a powerpoint presentation showcasing why factory farming is bad for the environment, for the workers and for c... Read More »

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How can i convince my family to be vegan?

So you are going to believe idiotic bias sources. Did you know PETA actually kills many animals each year? Yep they are hypocrites. Meat isn't unhealthy and actually we can digest it just fine. Don... Read More »

What is the difference between being "physically vegan" as opposed to being "mentally vegan"?

No clue.Strict vegetarianism (the DIETARY component of VEGANISM, which is a philosophy and resulting lifestyle, is more aptly characterized as just that- a dietary choice.

How to Convince Yourself That You're Happy Being Alone?

If, like me, you've been single for a long time, you may start to think that 'no one will like me' or 'I'm not good enough to be loved'. However, with a few simple steps you'll be able to convince ... Read More »

How do I convince my 6yr old that it's time to go and live with his dad PERMANENTLY I'm starting a new family?

Please don't bribe with YOUR money!! Why on God's green earth would you pass up the opportunity to either a) fake kidnapping for ransom or b) black market? You're not a fit parent if you are unable... Read More »