How do I convert songs into MP3?

Answer Download the proper converter tool from the Internet. The format you are converting the song from determines the type of converter program. In most cases there will be a free version of converter s... Read More »

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How do I convert WMA songs into MP3 songs?

Online Website ConversionConvert WMA songs to MP3 songs online using an online media converter. Use the "Browse" or "Upload" buttons on the website to upload a WMA song to the online converter. Sel... Read More »

How do i convert mp3 songs to cda?

Choose CD Burning SoftwareConvert MP3 songs to CDA format by burning them to a CD. Choose a free CD burning utility or use Windows Media Player to burn the CD.Burn FilesInsert a blank CD-R into the... Read More »

How do I convert MP3 songs?

Converting MP3 SongsAccess an online freeware or shareware conversion application site in your Internet browser (see Resources section). When the site opens, locate its converter application, and c... Read More »

Can you convert songs in iTunes to MP3?

It is possible to convert itunes to MP3. You essentially have two options. The first option requires you to burn the song onto a CD. Then, you can select "convert selection to MP3" in iTunes. If yo... Read More »