How do I convert from propane to electric heating?

Answer Propane is cheaper than electric heat, so converting from propane to electric heating is not a common task. However, it is done for a variety of reasons. When switching from propane to electric hea... Read More »

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Can you convert an oil hot-air heating system to electric?

You can convert an oil-fired hot-air heating system to electric; however, in most areas, the cost of electricity is much higher than the cost of oil or other heating fuels. In order to do such a c... Read More »

How do I estimate propane heating costs?

Collect the DataTo estimate your propane heating costs, start by collecting the following information: Propane cost per gallon, the energy rating of the propane you will use (usually about 110), yo... Read More »

How to Install a Propane Heating Stove?

A propane heating stove is a good way to lower your energy bill since it is very efficient and cost-effective. Propane gas is vaporized and this makes it a lot safer to use in your home than gasoli... Read More »

Is a heat pump better than propane heating?

On One Hand: Heat Pumps Can Save You MoneyA heat pump is a device that mechanically moves heat from a cold reserve to a hot one for heating and the reverse for cooling. Today there are even geother... Read More »