How do I convert a spool file report to a tiff format on the IFS?

Answer The Host Print Transform (HPT) API can perform this conversion: Here's a code sample that does it (16MB spooled fi... Read More »

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How to Convert a TIFF to PDF Format?

The Portable Document File (PDF) format allows anyone to view a file without needing the program in which it was originally created. You can convert a Tagged Image File Format (TIFF) graphic file i... Read More »

How do I convert from Tiff format to a Word document?

Copy and PasteOpen Microsoft Word. If your .tiff image file is just a picture without text, this is the best way to convert it into a Word document. Click on "File," select "Insert," choose "Pictur... Read More »

How do I convert a Word document to TIFF, PDF or JPEG format?

Converting Your Document with Universal Document ConverterDownload and install the Universal Document Converter. Use the given installation settings. Open Microsoft Word. On the top menu bar, clic... Read More »

How Do I Convert A Publisher File To A Color Tiff File?

I can only get it to convert my file into a grayscale TIFF file. In the end I need it to be a jpeg file, but I thought if I could get it to a TIFF file, then I could do the TIFF to jpeg conversion ... Read More »