How do I convert 35mm photos to Jpeg for computer veiwing?

Answer Yeah, scan the photos onto your computer, then open them in Paint and crop them until you get rid of all the excess, and save them.If you want to restore your photos or just clean them up in genera... Read More »

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What is the best way to convert 35mm slides to JPEG files that I can store electronically?

There are three methods 1) Get a company to do it. 2) Buy a dedicated film scanner and do it yourself. 3) Use an A4 scanner.I recommend method 1 or 2 and not method 3. Method 3 would be ok for a f... Read More »

How do i convert .tiff photos to .jpg or .jpeg?

.tiff (tagged image format) is for extremely high resolution, and therefore high pixel value; only 'raw' format is higher. Try this nice utility: PIXresizer is a photo resizing program to easily cr... Read More »

Im scanning photos to my computer. how do i want to save them; TIFF, JPEG, PICT, PDF...?

I am going to disagree with most other posters. If you need to use JPEG because you are going to immediately do something like upload them to the internet, use JPEG. Yes, it is the file type most p... Read More »

How to convert a picture jpeg to jpgand how convert for example a pic 700kb to 100kb?

image resizer from Microsoft.…