How do I control seizures through nutrition?

Answer The ketogenic diet was developed in the early 1900s as an alternative way to treat epilepsy, which causes seizures. In the 1920s, medical professionals realized that the body reacts differently whe... Read More »

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Natural Remedies to Control Canine Seizures?

Brief episodes of uncontrolled movement, or seizures, may involve the whole body or only one area. Your dog may have repeated episodes or only one. According to Dr. Gary Roznick, DVM, of Epilepsy O... Read More »

What is the nutrition statutes in Tennessee and as a fitness nutrition specialist how will it affect your practice?

You need to contact the Tennessee Board of Health to get all the info on nutrition as pertains to your specialty. I believe you must also be licensed by the state.

Why does my dog have seizures?

Dogs, just like humans, can experience seizure episodes. Typically, a seizure may last 45 seconds to three minutes, and may cause a dog to have sensory or muscular dysfunctions, begin whining or ev... Read More »

What can cause seizures?

Seizures indicate abnormal activity in the brain. It is often difficult to determine the cause of seizure activity. When no known cause is determined, the patient is given the diagnosis of epilepsy... Read More »