How do I control my hormones ?

Answer breathing exercises/meditation/yoga/ expressing your feeling in a diary or journal/positive activesand just Accept that is the way you are right now-but you don't have to make those you care about ... Read More »

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How to Control Teenage Hormones?

Hormones in teens can make you sad, depressed, or even lonely.While teenage hormones are nearly impossible to control, you can maintain your hormones, all you have to do are the simple steps below.

What Hormones Control the Water & Salt Balance?

About 60 percent of the body mass of the human being consists out of water. Fluid content in the body stays remarkably stable despite the amount of liquids we consume daily. Salt and mineral balan... Read More »

Do men have hormones?

Yes, men have hormones. Perhaps the most well-known variety is testosterone, which declines with age. Unlike female menopausal symptoms, signs of testosterone deficiency come on gradually and can i... Read More »

I Need help controlling my hormones?

Not Masturbating Enough.You masturbate to stimulate the body, and when you've came, you don't want to keep going, you just get bored! So, masturbate, once in the morning, once at night, and wheneve... Read More »