How do I contact Facebook about my stolen cat?

Answer Damn you Facebook!! I always knew that place was evil.

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Who are we going to contact about stolen precious trees in the UK?

I suspect a fuzzy bear wielding a hatchet. I was at the festival and it was very suspicious, this 4" ursine with an axe to grind was going around whispering to trees, "are you Yewish? You don't l... Read More »

How to Contact Facebook?

There are several reasons that you may need to contact Facebook. These can include having your account hacked into, having your account canceled without your approval, getting a bug that you can't ... Read More »

How to Decide How to Contact Someone on Facebook?

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I need some advice. i had my ipod stolen a while ago, and my teacher, whose desk it was stolen from bought me?

just tell your parents"mom dad I'm really sorry but someone stole my Ipod when I asked my teacher to hold it for me. he felt bad so he bought me a new one. and he wont take it back because he feels... Read More »