How do I contact Facebook about my stolen cat?

Answer Damn you Facebook!! I always knew that place was evil.

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Who are we going to contact about stolen precious trees in the UK?

I suspect a fuzzy bear wielding a hatchet. I was at the festival and it was very suspicious, this 4" ursine with an axe to grind was going around whispering to trees, "are you Yewish? You don't l... Read More »

The dateline NBC episode about the guys who had his ssn stolen but the IRS refused to do anything about it?

A question about a stolen Ipod.?

Your best bet is for you sister or you to confront her about stealing your sisters iPod Touch. If she denies she stole it then call the Police. Why call Apple? Apple isn't the 'Police'. Make sure y... Read More »

How can you contact Dr Phil about your daughter who is so depressed she is talking about suicide and she is four months pregnate?

At age 19, she became a news anchor for a CBS television station that was local.