How do I connect two CAT5 cables?

Answer Join two lengths of CAT5 cable together with an Ethernet coupler. An Ethernet coupler is a small connector unit with an RJ-45 jack on each side. Plug one end of a CAT5 cable into one side of an Eth... Read More »

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How do I direct connect PCs with Cat5 cables?

Cat5 Crossover CableUse Cat5 crossover-type cable to connect the two computers. Cat5 crossover usually has a yellow coat rather than the blue of most regular Cat5. Both the plug and the jack look l... Read More »

What is the major difference between patch cables&the installed cat3 or cat5 cables?

Patch cables are designed for flexibility and are composed of stranded copper conductors. CAT-3 and CAT-5 are typically solid cables, which are designed for use in longer runs through walls and cei... Read More »

How to Connect Two VGA Cables?

Two VGA (video graphics array) cables can be joined with an adapter to create one longer cable for connecting components at a distance, such as a computer to a video monitor. The female-to-female a... Read More »

How to Connect Your PSP to a TV with AV Cables?

The PSP is a handheld gaming device produced by Sony that is capable of doing far more than just playing games. It also has the ability to play music and certain video formats as well. With all thi... Read More »