How do I connect to my HDTV if I only have USB ports?

Answer By RGB out I assume your talking about the VGA port... 99.99999% of graphic chipsets today support display resolutions higher than 1080p over VGA.

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My old printer won't connect to my new PC, which only has USB ports. Is there a way to do it?

Both solutions are valid, installing a parallel port card in an expansion slot or purchasing a usb-parallel adapter.Two important things you may want to consider though.... 1. Buy your cable or car... Read More »

How do you connect a PC with only VGA, USB, and Component to a HDMI, RGB HDTV?

It depends what the analog inputs on the TV are.R/G/B RCA jacks are component (AKA YPrPB).Actual RGB is done on DE-HD15, which is simply VGA.You you mean your computer has component (not composite ... Read More »

My pc only some times recognises my usb ports on the front of my case or the 4 ports on my motherboard.?

A few things to try, firstly, you would have to open the case and check the cables for your front ports are seated properly. Unplug them and then plug them back in again.Also check that your mother... Read More »

What is the difference between Pr Pb Y and Cr Cb Y audio video ports. will my devices work if a connect the two ports together?

They are both color space video but PrPbY is analog video and CrCbY is digital video. Trivia Conventionally the Y is first followed by b then r, as in YPbPr which has led to the wires being known a... Read More »