How do I connect this scanner?

Answer if you are using the usb port, you can try plugging it into a different port.

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Waht do Ineed to connect my fax /scanner /copier to my computer Ihave no idea how to conecct this to my comp?

Your fax/scanner/copier should have come with a start-up guide that will help you connect it to your computer. It will probably be connected through a USB cable from the fsc to your computer, and i... Read More »

How do I connect a scanner to my computer,the scanner I have has no usb socket on it only the old type socket?

DUDE!FEW of these folks got it right. "Old type socket" is pretty vague and can cause you all sorts of trouble.Many of these people are assuming that it is 25 pin Parallel port. That was only use... Read More »

How can i connect scanner to pc?

Download the scanner drivers for your operating system at packard bell website. Start the installation but do not connect the usb cable to the scanner. Let the software tell you when to connect the... Read More »

How do I connect a scanner to my PC?

You will need a SCSI card in order to connect the SCSI cable to it. These are great scanners to do 2400 dpi as well as negatives and slides.You need an Adaptec AHA-2940 S70 50 pin PCI SCSI Card. No... Read More »