How do I connect my psp to tv if my tv only has 3 color RCA inputs?

Answer you dont have component can buy the composite cables (red, white, yellow) and use those, but you wont be able to play games on it.if you want to play games then you are going to need to ... Read More »

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How to Connect 2 RCA Inputs Together on a Car Amp?

Connecting two RCA (Radio Corporation of America) audio inputs together is a task commonly undertaken in car stereo installations that are made after you've purchased the car. Many amplifiers, espe... Read More »

How do you connect an hdmi outlet to rca inputs?

You can't. HDMI is digital. RCA is analog (component or composite).

How to Set Up Sound Systems for Churches With Only 12 Inputs?

Church audio is always challenging. But the degree of difficulty rises when your need for inputs grows faster than the number of inputs on your sound board. The ideal solution is to upgrade your so... Read More »

Is there a cord I can buy that would connect my laptop and my old TV (RCA, S-video & coax inputs)?

No, there is no such cord.You need to buy a converter and it is really not worth it.