How do I connect my old video camera to my computer?

Answer I bought Pinnacle Studio. It includes a device that you plug your camcorder (or vcr) into (audio and video, even S-video, stereo audio and DV inputs), and then it links to the computer.It includes... Read More »

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Is it possible to connect my video camera to my computer and....?

It depends on the computer monitor being used.Most likely not.Most computer monitors connect to the computer using a VGA cable. Assuming the computer is a traditional desk-top or tower-type. The So... Read More »

What would be the least expensive way to connect my video camera to my Computer?

you need a Analog video capture device either internal or external external sounds better for you as you want to use a Mac as well, trying to think of the name Pinnacle do one check out the linkhtt... Read More »

How can I edit video footage through my digital video camera on my computer?

You should have FireWire on both (it's an Apple invention) and should have no problems between the Mac and the Handicam with that FireWire cord ($25).Some Handicams did STREAM video and thus you sh... Read More »

Is there a way to set up a video camera to stream live video to a computer?

I dont really see why you would need to if its a digital memory (sd/acvhd) you can just connect it to a computer, if its a dv/dvd camera (tapes or minidvds) you'll need a firewire port (which can b... Read More »