How do I connect my camcorder to the computer?

Answer It sounds to me like you need a firewire port on your computer. With these two you might be able to bypass adding in a firewire card and just use a firewire to USB cable and a usb to usb coupler. ... Read More »

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How do i connect Camcorder to my computer?

ANALOG*If you have an analog (VHS) camcorder or VHS-c...You need an analog converter, either internal card or external such as the dazzle. It's very easy to use and come with good software. You wou... Read More »

How can I connect my camcorder to my computer?

First, to answer the digital part of this question, yes, this camera is digital. It uses a HI8 tape and records the information to the tape in a digital format. That's why it has the DV (Digital ... Read More »

How can I connect my Sony camcorder to my mac computer?

The Sony DCR-TRV11 camcorder is miniDV tape based.What are you expecing the Mac to do? Nothing will automatically "pop up".Connecting a 4-pin to 6-pin firewire cable to the camcorder's DV port and ... Read More »

How to Connect My 8mm Sony Camcorder to My Computer?

Sony 8mm camcorders are available in two categories: older, analog-cassette video cameras and camcorders that capture video onto digital tape. The cable connections for hooking up to a computer are... Read More »