How do I connect both my mobile phone and laptop using Bluetooth?

Answer Just connect bluetooth device to your computer and enable it and send files from your mobile to pic like you send it to others phone. The same procedure for this purpose.

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How can i connect my bluetooth headset with another mobile phone?

You have not mentioned about your bluetooth device and the mobile, anyway the general procedure is like this1. ensure both the device and mobile are sufficiently charged2. switch on your bluetooth ... Read More »

How to Connect a Cell Phone to the Internet Using Bluetooth?

A Bluetooth is a device that creates hands-free usage of a cell phone. If you have a Bluetooth adapter for your computer, you can use the hands-free device to run your phone, make calls, or even su... Read More »

How to Send Files to a Cell/Mobile Phone Using Bluetooth Technology?

Do you want to have a ringtone on your phone? or have a picture from your laptop/computer on your phone? Read on if you do!

How do I connect my mobile phone to my laptop via USB?

If it's an ancient phone you may need to install drivers for it manually. Failing that, can't you just add music to the memory card via a card reader in your computer?