How do I connect an Xbox 360 to a cable modem?

Answer Power off both your Xbox 360 and the cable modem.Plug an Ethernet cable into the back of your cable modem. Then connect the other end of the cable to your Xbox 360's Ethernet port (found on the rea... Read More »

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Do i use a crossover network cable to connect my xbox 360 straight to my modem?

A reguler ethernet cable should work just fine, I would recommend you use your computer to check and make sure you can get online with that modem before hooking it up to your console.

How to Set Up an Xbox 360 With a Wireless Cable Modem?

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How to Connect to Xbox Live With a USB Modem?

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How to Connect a LAN to a Cable Modem?

Connecting a LAN to a cable modem allows every computer on the LAN to share the Internet connection supplied by the cable modem. This is done by implementing a router between the local area network... Read More »