How do I connect a cable modem to Windows ME?

Answer Connect one end of an Ethernet cable to the network interface card of your computer. The connector will slide into the slot and click into place.Connect the other end of the Ethernet cable into the... Read More »

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How to Connect a LAN to a Cable Modem?

Connecting a LAN to a cable modem allows every computer on the LAN to share the Internet connection supplied by the cable modem. This is done by implementing a router between the local area network... Read More »

How do i connect a cable modem to a mac?

Connect the MacPlug the ethernet cable into the ethernet port found on the rear of the cable modem. Connect the other end to the built-in ethernet port found at the rear of the Mac desktop or on t... Read More »

How to connect a fax machine to a cable modem?

Hmmm... Not possible, at least, not directly. You'll need a VOIP Gateway, and a VOIP account (such as ComCast Digital Voice), which replaces your phone "landline" service. Doubt you'd want to go TH... Read More »

How to Connect a Cable Modem to Ubuntu?

If you have a cable modem in your home that you'd like to use to provide your Ubuntu computer with an Internet connection, you'll just need to connect the modem to the computer by way of an Etherne... Read More »