How do I connect a SONY handycam DCR-HC28?

Answer You have to get a laptop firewire card and your laptop has to have an empty bay.

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How do I Connect the DCR-HC28 MiniDV Handycam Camcorder to a Computer?

The Sony DCR-HC28 Handycam is a handheld digital video camera that records audio and video content onto a miniDV tape. Once you have the content recorded and stored on the miniDV, there are three o... Read More »

How do you transfer video from a Sony DCR-HC28 handycam to a HP Pavillioin a1006n desktop PC?

Regardless of which PC you've got, that's a MiniDV camcorder, so the video is transferred via firewire. Your PC's spec says it's got an IEEE1394 port, so you just need a firewire cable and you're ... Read More »

How to Connect an External Mic to a Sony Handycam?

An external microphone can boost the audio quality on your Sony Handycam. While most video cameras have a microphone port for an external microphone, the Sony Handycam does not. Instead of a microp... Read More »

How to Connect an Hi8 to a Sony MiniDV Handycam?

As home video formats move forward, sometimes it's necessary to transfer old videos to new media to keep them compatible with the current technology. It's easy to transfer Hi8 video to MiniDV with ... Read More »