How do I configure a Blackberry 8700 to send SMS messages?

Answer Open your Message folder icon. This typically looks like an envelope, and may contain email, as well as SMS messages. Press the BlackBerry menu button (to the right of the trackball), or align your... Read More »

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Can the BlackBerry Curve send simple text messages?

Yes, the BlackBerry Curve can send simple text messages; a standard text message can only hold 160 characters. It can also send multimedia messages, email and messages over the BlackBerry Messenger... Read More »

How to Use the Speakerphone Key on a Blackberry 8700?

The speakerphone feature on BlackBerry handsets lets you include others in your conversation without making a teleconference call. Nearly all BlackBerry handsets have this feature, including the Bl... Read More »

How to Disable the Lock for a BlackBerry 8700?

The BlackBerry 8700 features a host of security features to help keep the smartphone's data safe and protect your privacy. The 8700 device lock prevents unauthorized users from accessing the BlackB... Read More »

How to Disable a BlackBerry 8700 Radio?

Disabling the radio on your BlackBerry 8700 device turns off all wireless transmissions. This can be handy in areas where cell phone use is restricted, such as hospitals or airplanes. When the radi... Read More »