How do I conditioin my brain to stop thinking about snacking?

Answer Aversion therapy. Put a rubber band around your wrist. When you think about snacking, pop it so that it hurts a little. If you do it every time you start for the refrigerator or cupboard, you'll be... Read More »

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How can i stop myself from snacking?

When you feel hungry dirink a glass of water. Most of the time we're dehydrated and confuse it for hunger. Wait about 15 minutes and if you're still hungry you're probably hungry. Also chewing gum ... Read More »

How to Stop Midnight Snacking?

Midnight snacking is a common habit. It's can also be problematic for your health, especially if you're trying to lose weight or maintain a healthy eating routine. Changing your midnight munching r... Read More »

How to Stop Snacking at Work?

Can't stop snacking at work? It's an easy enough habit to fall into, but a really devilish one to stop. Snacking at work can often be a sign of boredom, stress, overload, and lack of sleep, so find... Read More »

How to Stop Snacking Between Meals?

Do you suffer from "eatingitis"? Are you constantly snacking because you are bored, tired, have nothing to do or forcompany? All these things results in you gaining more weight and losing more conf... Read More »