How do I compress a video file I recorded of myself on a Mac Please help!!?

Answer For OS 10.8, it's like this to prepare a small movie for a web page...-- Open the movie in QuickTime X.-- Go to the top menu bar, File > Export for Web.-- Choose the maximum data rate after conside... Read More »

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How do I compress an 11 GB video file to a 3 GB video file I want to make a DVD?

hmmm. that is about right. Standard definition video uses about 14 gig for 60 minutes...Anyway, I would use a DVD authoring tool (like WinDVD - though Nero may be able to handle it) to make that vi... Read More »

How to Compress a Video File to Download Onto YouTube?

YouTube is a site for watching videos and sharing your own videos with people all over the world. Unfortunately for users, it does have restrictions on the size of video files you can upload, the l... Read More »

Help please...! what is the best .file for movie/video burning?

Yes, use mpeg. It's a all-around video format. .avi is a container file and .flv is flash video and is a container file format used on video sharing websites. Just so you know, a video recorded in ... Read More »

Please help me to not kill myself?

Meditation. Try go to a meditation class or if you belong to a Religion do some prayer. Look at videos of life, positive things, positive energy, check out videos of people who wanted to commit sui... Read More »