How do I completely delete all of the documents off of my computer?

Answer You can't. If you delete them they just go to the recycling bin. Which should be okay if you're just trying to free up some memory. But, if you're trying to hide something illegal, the cops can go ... Read More »

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If you want to delete something completely off your computer what is the best way?

open the CPU of your computer, identify the hard drive. Unscrew the hard drive from the chassis. Pry open the hard drive case. Pour about a pint of quick set cement into that small hole.Use resulti... Read More »

How do I completely delete stuff from a computer?

Microsoft WindowsClick the file or folder you want to delete to select it. Select multiple files or folders by holding "Ctrl" on the keyboard as you click your selections. Click and drag the files ... Read More »

How do I completely delete a file from a computer?

Deletion For The Average UserSelect your unwanted file by clicking on it once, which will highlight it. Hit your "Delete" key; this will send the file to your recycle bin. Right-click your recycle ... Read More »

How to Completely Delete Norton Security From a Computer?

Norton Security is an antivirus software developed by Symantec. Security features such as Internet protection and spyware detection block potential viruses and prevent hackers from obtaining valuab... Read More »