How do I completely clean out my computer?

Answer Performing routine maintenance on your computer is similar to performing maintenance on a car. If you do so on a regular basis, it will continue to run smoothly. However, if you do not, it will c... Read More »

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I need to COMPLETELY clean my Dell computer!!!?

Call Dell and ask how to do a factory restore

How can I completely wipe a computer clean?

The typical turnaround for computers is about five years as new models come out yearly that are always better than the last. However, identity theft and the stealing of information leave the world ... Read More »

How do I completely clean my computer in every nook and cranny?

Unless you bought it from a private party that may have lost the restore disks. They should've given you a means to restore your laptop to factory defaults. There might be a hidden recovery partiti... Read More »

I want to completely clean my computer and start over HOW Make it like new?

op. system install / re-install steps print a copy of this file print a copy of computer notes export browser Fav's / bookmarks back-up files, programs ; power down disconnect network and e... Read More »