How do I complain about defective appliances?

Answer Contact the Merchant or ManufacturerAttempt to resolve your complaint with the vendor of the defective appliance. If the vendor does not attempt to refund your money or replace your defective item,... Read More »

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My defective Wifi Card I have a latop that have defective wifi. How can I have wifi connection even if I don’t?

Yes, you can now have wi-fi connection again even if you don’t need to open your laptop and replace your wi-fi card. There are now portable wi-fi that you can insert through USB to replace your d... Read More »

Is my DVD burner defective?

I have defective Wi-fi card?

Well I can suggest to buy an external wi-fi gadgets for ex.… it’s a compact wi-fi device that you just connect to the USB.

What does it mean when a train is defective?

A mechanical malfunction has knocked the train our of service.