How do I compare wood vs. laminate flooring?

Answer Hardwood floors have been an intrinsic part of decorating for generations. Although solid and durable, wood flooring is expensive and difficult to install. Laminate flooring is much less expensive,... Read More »

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Can laminate wood flooring be layed over vinyl flooring?

Yes, laminate flooring can be laid over vinyl flooring, however, there are some considerations. First of all, inspect your vinyl flooring for any damage. Acordian style tears will create a "bump" i... Read More »

How to Install Wood Laminate Flooring With a Flooring Stapler?

Wood laminate flooring is generally installed in the same manner as regular hardwood flooring, with tongue-and-groove connections on the sides that hold it all together. A pneumatic flooring staple... Read More »

Can you put down laminate flooring over top of wood?

Yes you can lay laminate floor over old hardwood floor, but why would you want to? You can lay laminate over a large variety of surfaces, not carpet, ha ha. Would it not be less expensive, faster, ... Read More »

How do I clean laminate wood flooring?

Sweep or VacuumSweep or vacuum laminate flooring daily. Use a bare floor attachment instead of the beater bar which is made specifically for carpeting and can damage laminate floors. Placing area r... Read More »