How do I compare glass cleaners?

Answer Prepare the SurfaceUse a dry erase marker or pieces of painter's tape to section off a mirror or large window. The number of glass cleaners you wish to compare will dictate the number of spaces you... Read More »

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How to Compare Air Cleaners?

Air cleaners, which are more commonly called air purifiers, clean allergens and dust from the air. Finding the right air cleaner for a home is a challenge because there is a wide variety available ... Read More »

How do I compare vacuum cleaners?

Amount of PowerCompare the amount of power each vacuum has by reading the power level displayed directly on the vacuum or on the packaging. Purchase a vacuum with a higher power rating, such as 80... Read More »

How to Compare Carpet Cleaners?

Carpet cleaning is an essential part of proper home upkeep. The condition of your carpet has a direct effect on your home's value and can also have an impact on your family's health. Comparing carp... Read More »

How to Compare Water Vacuum Cleaners?

Water vacuums are vacuums that use water instead of filters to capture dirt and allergens. Just as with regular vacuum cleaners, different models of water-based vacuums are available. Each model ha... Read More »