How do I collect dahlia seeds from plants?

Answer MaturingAllow the dahlia flowers to mature on their stems. After the petals fall off the flowers and the seed pods form, wait 2 to 3 weeks until the seeds "ripen."HarvestingCut the dahlia stems abo... Read More »

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How do I collect seeds from annual plants?

BloomsLeave a few healthy blooms on the annual plant when the plant is finished blooming in late summer or early autumn. Allow the blooms to wilt and die naturally. The seeds will be in a seed pod ... Read More »

How do I collect sunflower seeds from plants?

Cut sunflowers down when the seeds begin to turn brown and the petals on the flower are wilting. This means the flowers are spent, and it's time to harvest the seeds. Cut the stalks about 1 foot be... Read More »

Watering dahlia potted plants. Urgent!?

Give them as much sun as you can. How much and how often you water depends on the size of the pot, and your weather. The sprinkler advice had to do with dahlias planted in the ground.A large pot ... Read More »

How do I collect pepper seeds& dry seeds?

Set the pepper aside until the skin is red and wrinkled. Remove the seeds from the pepper with a spoon and lay them out on a clean, dry paper towel. Leave them on the paper towel until they are com... Read More »