How do I collect a bad check from a renter?

Answer As a landlord, receiving a bad check can be a serious hassle. Not only are you deprived of expected monthly cash flow but the process of collecting the money owed you can be time consuming. If you ... Read More »

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How do i collect on a bad check?

A bad check is a check that is deposited into your account, but has insufficient funds to cover the amount. The bank informs you the check is bad and may return the check to you with insufficient f... Read More »

What rights does a renter have when the landlord's faulty equipment caused damages to the renter's property?

The average flight time is 18 hours, 43 minutes. This is only an approximation and flight times are likely to vary. Your airline will provide you with a flight time when you book a flight.

How long after a renter has moved is the landlord responsible for damage to renter's property?

I am renting a trailer and a limb falls on my vehicle while parked on the property who is responsible for the damages

How to Collect Money From a Bad Check?

Most check writers don't intend to write bad checks, but everyone makes mistakes now and then. While it's nice to think that collecting on a bad check is as easy as calling the check writer, one ph... Read More »