How do I coil a band saw blade?

Answer Put on a pair of construction or gardening gloves and protective eye wear beforehand, to prevent cuts or serious injury. Place the bottom of the blade on a flat surface with the blade's teeth facin... Read More »

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How do I roll a band saw blade?

Roll the BladeWear work gloves to protect your hands. Power down the band saw. Take the blade off the band saw, and grip the blade's top part with your left hand. The palm of your hand should face ... Read More »

How do I fold a band saw blade?

Folding a Band Saw BladePut your foot on the band saw with the teeth facing away from you. Grab the band saw at a point opposite your foot, and push it until its diameter is about half of what it n... Read More »

How do I replace a blade on a band saw?

Remove the Old BladeWear eye protection and thick gloves. Unplug the machine. Lift the head assembly of the band saw all the way up, and lock it in upright. Locate the door of the drive wheel on th... Read More »

How do I change a band saw blade?

Removing the Old BladeAssure that the band saw is turned off and unplugged. Open the upper and lower cabinet doors. Turn the handle on the back of the saw to lower the upper guide wheel and remove ... Read More »