How do I close a credit card with a balance?

Answer Phone BankDial the customer service number on the back of your credit card. Request a representative and ask to have your account closed. The bank may offer a lower interest rate or other incentive... Read More »

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Is it better for your credit score to close a zero balance credit card?

In most cases, you are better off not canceling a credit card with no balance, because it will no longer report to the credit bureau as being current with payments and your debt-to-available-credit... Read More »

Is It Better for Your Credit Score to Close a Zero Balance Credit Card?

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Can you close a credit card if you still owe a balance?

On One Hand: Yes You CanYou most certainly can close a credit card account if you still have a balance on it, according to Closing an account just means you cannot use that line of cr... Read More »

Can I close my credit card account with a balance?

You can close a credit card account to new purchases when you still have a balance, but you still need to pay down the balance every month. Your account will not be truly closed until after you pay... Read More »