How do I clear the web address history on a pc?

Answer When you clear the Web address history in your Internet browser, it removes all matriculation and Web activity from your computer. Any websites you visited on your computer will be removed. Clearin... Read More »

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How do i clear my history?

Do you mean your internet browser history? You'll need to tell us what browser you are using -- Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari...which one? We will have a hard time answering this question with... Read More »

Can web history clear itself?

Web history can clear itself every time a user turns a computer off depending on the computer's setting. In the "Tools" tab located at the top of the web brower's toolbar (Internet Explorer, for ex... Read More »

How do I clear the address bar in IE?

Open the Internet Explorer web browser. Click "Tools." Click "Delete Browsing History." Place a check next to "History" and "Temporary Internet Files." Click "Delete."Click "Tools." Click "Internet... Read More »

How to Clear Address Bar?

Internet privacy involves more than just keeping the data you transmit safe. You may also prefer that others not have evidence of the websites that you visit. This is especially true for those who ... Read More »