How do I clear the cache on Windows Vista?

Answer Go into your control Panel >network and internet>internet options Sorry, Seeker, I had to check the actual path

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How to Clear Java Cache on Windows XP?

With Windows XP, when you access web pages that use Java, the Java Plug-in will use the versions that are stored in the cache to load the the page quicker. It's recommended that you periodically cl... Read More »

How to Clear the Thumbnail Cache in Windows?

Whenever you view a folder containing pictures in Windows XP, a hidden system file called "Thumbs.db" is created. These files speed up the display of thumbnails whenever you return to that folder.T... Read More »

How do I empty my cache in Windows Vista?

Open Internet OptionsClick "Start." Click "Control Panel." Double-click "Internet Options." Select the "General" tab.Delete Browsing HistoryClick the "Delete" button located under "Browing history.... Read More »

How to Clean Memory Cache & Cookies on Windows Vista?

Cleaning out the memory cache and stored cookies on your Vista computer can help to free up drive space and partially improve computer performance. While seemingly disparate tasks, these should bot... Read More »