How do I clean wild game birds?

Answer Gut the BirdGut the bird, taking out its entrails, crop, heart and lungs, according to the North Carolina State University Agriculture and University Extension. Make a cut in the bird's breastbone ... Read More »

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How do I process wild game birds?

Game birds can make for great dinners. Properly dressing and processing the wild game bird will help to ensure a safe meal. There are often two stages of the processing of wild game birds, the fiel... Read More »

How do I raise wild game birds?

Game birds are a group of birds that were once hunted as wild birds and are now raised in both commercial and private farming situations for meat and eggs. The group includes quail, pheasants, guin... Read More »

Different Types of Wild Birds?

The different types of wild birds that occur throughout the North American continent display great diversity in their diets, habitats and behaviors. Some are skilled predators, able to kill easily ... Read More »

How to Breed Wild Birds?

Although often kept as pets, birds such as parrots, exotic songbirds, and toucans are still considered wild birds that have not been changed from their cousins found living in the wild. Breeding wi... Read More »