How do I clean wheat pennies?

Answer Remove the TarnishMix 1/4 cup of white vinegar and a teaspoon of table salt in a plastic, glass or ceramic container. Don't use a metal container. Make sure the pennies are laying flat in the conta... Read More »

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When did wheat pennies come out?

The United States Mint first made wheat pennies in 1909. They are called "wheat pennies" because of the stalks of wheat that appear on the coin's reverse. The wheat stalks were replaced by the Linc... Read More »

How do I sell wheat pennies?

In PersonThe most direct way to sell wheat pennies is to find a local coin shop and take them there. You will likely be able to get an estimation of value and perhaps an offer to purchase. You migh... Read More »

How many wheat pennies are in a pound?

There are approximately 145 wheat pennies in a pound, unless the pennies were minted in 1943. Pennies were minted from steel in 1943, because copper was being diverted for use in World War II. One ... Read More »

How do i find the value of wheat pennies?

Determine the GradeCoin values differ greatly by grade. If your wheat penny features no wear and retains a fresh-from-the-mint shine it can grade uncirculated (MS-60) or higher. If the wheat heads ... Read More »