How do I clean tub inserts?

Answer Us a nonabrasive, mild detergent or gel cleaner to clean the surface of the tub. Abrasive cleaners, and scrub pads should be avoided because they will damage the shiny surface of the tub insert. Pu... Read More »

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How to Clean Pyroceram & Vycor Glass Inserts?

Pyroceram and Vycor glass are types of glass made by Corning Inc. A brand of lab glassware, Pyroceram is found in beakers, petri dishes and hot plates. Vycor glass can be inserted into windows. Pyr... Read More »

How do I print cd inserts?

SoftwareOpen a word processing program. For Microsoft Word you can download templates that open in Word. In the template type whatever information you want to enter, and print the file. After print... Read More »

How to Make Bra Inserts?

Do you have a little black dress that is perfect in every way--except that you can't wear a bra with it? What about your otherwise favorite shirt that just doesn't look good with a bra? Find some ... Read More »

How to Paint Rim Inserts?

Painting a car's rim inserts is done in much the same manner as repainting the rims themselves. The inserts are often easier, however, because unlike the rims, the inserts can be easily removed for... Read More »