How do I clean travertine floors?

Answer DustRemove large particles of dust and dirt by gliding a dry, untreated dust mop across the surface of the travertine floor, advises The Janitorial Store. Sweep the mop from side to side across the... Read More »

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How to Clean & Care for Travertine Floors?

Travertine is a popular stone used for countertops and flooring, providing a natural stone look that is a bit lighter and more subtle than marble or granite. This stone will last a lifetime when ca... Read More »

How do I care for travertine floors?

Dust RemovalRemove dust from the floors with a dust mop or broom.CleaningFill a bucket with warm water. Add 2 tbs. liquid dish soap to the water. Dip a mop into the soapy water and squeeze out the ... Read More »

How do I maintain travertine floors?

Keep It CleanClean up spills immediately. Travertine is porous and can easily stain. Mop with warm water and mild cleaner or liquid dish soap weekly.Use RugsKeep rugs near doorways and high-traffic... Read More »

How do I polish travertine floors?

Strip the SurfaceStrip the top surface of a travertine floor to begin the polishing process. Use a stripping mixture that is specifically designed for travertine, available from home improvement st... Read More »