How do I clean the tippex off the screen after doing word processing?

Answer You gotta laugh at this! Some kinda comedian! You ought to go on the stage, the next one out of town!

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How do I clean the Tippex off the monitor after I have been word processing?

It's a crap system isn't it? I try really hard not to make mistakes, but I still get through about 3 monitors a month. Also, have you noticed that when it prints out, you have to re-apply the tippe... Read More »

What is the difference between Microsoft Word& word processing?

Microsoft Word is a popular word processor. Word processing in general is using a computer to prepare documents; many different programs, including Microsoft Word, can accomplish this goal.Definiti... Read More »

What is word processing used for?

A word processor program is software that enables a computer to create literature or documents. Typical uses for a word processor program include creating business memos and reports, term and resea... Read More »

What is word processing?

Humans over the centuries have look for new ways to create and preserve the written word. On a computer, a user can use word processors (word processing program or software) to assist in creating d... Read More »