How do I clean stains from terrazzo floors?

Answer General StainsAbsorb grease stains on terrazzo floors with cotton or talcum powder. Fade stains using hydrogen peroxide, ammonia or lemon juice. Dissolve lipstick and grease stains by using a solve... Read More »

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Which type of knife is good to clean stains in kitchen floors, oil stains on floors and hard and dried dust?

butter knife.......... it wont leave ur floor scratchy.......

How do i clean terrazzo floors?

Clean your terrazzo floors using neutral liquid cleaners only. Avoid all acid or alkaline cleaners, since these harsh cleaners damage your floors. Use a neutral cleaner made specifically for terraz... Read More »

How do I clean terrazzo floors properly?

DailyUse a cloth dust mop to sweep terrazzo floors daily. Over time, dirt and grit will scratch terrazzo flooring. Clean spills on your floor immediately as terrazzo is porous and the liquid may st... Read More »

How do i clean yellowing terrazzo floors?

Remove WaxUse a floor cleaner to remove the surface layer of wax from a yellowing terrazzo floor. In many cases, the old wax will have been responsible for the yellowing, and when it is gone the fl... Read More »