How do I clean shed deer antlers?

Answer Remove excess dirt and grime from antlers using a damp wash cloth, towel or T-shirt. If the antlers have any velvet fur at the base, gently dust the fur with a slightly damp cloth or rag. Avoid usi... Read More »

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Why do deer shed their antlers?

Science has yet to explain the reason deer shed their antlers, while similar horned animals do not shed their horns. However, scientists have figured out the biological process of shedding. This i... Read More »

Do deer&elk shed their antlers?

Male deer and elk shed their antlers each year and grow a larger replacement set, according to Reindeer are the only subspecies whose females also bear antlers; they, too, shed the... Read More »

When do mule deer shed antlers?

Most of the time, mule deer shed their antlers in January or February, after the breeding season. Sometimes antlers aren't shed until as late as April. Other factors also effect antlers shedding - ... Read More »

When do deer in canada shed their antlers?

According to the Canadian Encyclopedia, mule deer and white-tailed deer are the two most common deer breeds in Canada. Mule deer and white-tailed deer shed their antlers shortly after breeding seas... Read More »