How do I clean print cartridge nozzles?

Answer RemovalRemove the clogged cartridge from the printer.SoakSoak the print cartridge in warm water until ink flows from the nozzle. Allow the ink to flow for a few minutes, and then remove the ink fro... Read More »

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How do I clean ink cartridge nozzles?

Distilled WaterUnplug the printer from the wall, and take out the printer cartridges. Dampen several cotton swabs with distilled water, and gently wipe the ink cartridge nozzles to remove any dried... Read More »

How to clean the clogged print head nozzles.?

Try this, if you a paint thinner or alcohol wet the tissue paper and then put the ink cartridge in the wet tissue paper the clogged ink is melted after 3 minute clean it with dry tissue

How do I clean an HP print cartridge?

Get SuppliesHeat one cup of water until it is just hot enough to touch. Add two tablespoons of rubbing alcohol to the water--the rubbing alcohol will dissolve dried ink.LocateLocate the metallic ta... Read More »

HP printer won't print after cartridge clean.?

If it isn't printing anything, take out the cartridges, power the printer Off (remove power cord if necessary), reinstall the cartridges & try it again. It may take a couple of tries for them to wo... Read More »