How do I clean porcelain statues?

Answer DustingWipe down your statue with a soft microfiber cloth or a small brush, such as a paintbrush, with a soft head.TapingTape the hollow bottom of the statute closed to keep water from getting insi... Read More »

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How do I clean concrete statues?

Spray the statue with a water bottle full of mild, white or apple cider vinegar. Wait 20 minutes. Scrub the vinegar over the concrete with a stiff-bristled scrub brush.Rinse the statue thoroughly w... Read More »

How do i clean bronze statues?

DustDust your bronze sculpture once a week to prevent dust buildup. Use a clean, soft cloth and apply a moderate amount of pressure to remove dust. This allows for the bronze on the statue to age n... Read More »

How do I clean rust out of a porcelain tub?

Scrub the TubScrub the porcelain tub. Use a scrubbing pad or steel wool pad to scrub away the surface rust on the tub. Scrub in circular motions. Run warm water in the tub to wash away the rust fla... Read More »

How do I clean porcelain figurines?

Measure one part baking soda to 10 parts warm water. Mix the solution with a wooden spoon. Submerge the porcelain figurine in the warm solution to remove soap scum and dirt, according to the Porcel... Read More »